Consider A Temporary Ultrasound Tech Position Before Your Next Board Exam

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You can hardly believe it happened, but you've been laid off from your job as an ultrasound technician because you didn't pass the board certification exam within the time frame specified. That job requirement prevents you from collecting unemployment. The facility has left the door open for you to return, but you're not allowed to take the test again for at least 60 days. Consider working with a temporary staffing agency in the meantime so you can keep cash coming in. 

General Staffing Agencies

It can be surprising to learn that some agencies best known for providing temporary office employees have a medical division as well. You're probably familiar with some of the biggest names, but there may be several smaller regionally based organizations in your area. Look them up in your phone book's advertising and give them a call to ask whether they have positions for ultrasound technicians, or check out their websites for the information. 

Medical Staffing Agencies

Medical staffing agencies aren't as pervasive as general agencies. However, if any are in your locale, they may provide you with numerous types of opportunities. In addition to standard temp jobs such as filling in for a person on maternity leave, you may have opportunities to work on call, on long-term contract or on a temp-to-hire basis.

A temp-to-hire position might be appealing to you if:

  • the medical facility doesn't require board certification, meaning you would not get laid off again
  • the facility requires you pass the exam within a year, so you have plenty of time to study
  • you are keenly interested in getting a job with that particular facility

Traveling Opportunities

This might be a good time to pick up an ultrasound tech traveling job or two before you take the board exam again. If you're free to be away from home for a few weeks or a few months -- or even longer -- travel jobs are great opportunities. You may have a wide choice of locations where you can work, with the chance to experience living in places you've always been interested in.

Temporary staffing agencies that focus on travel jobs commonly offer per diem pay, which you can use for renting a hotel room or an apartment. Perhaps best of all, these positions tend to pay very well because most workers prefer not to be away from home for any length of time.

Concluding Thoughts

Don't feel discouraged about not passing the board certification exam this time around. Study hard until you feel totally confident you'll pass. In the meantime, a temporary ultrasound tech position will provide you with income so you can continue paying your bills on time and keep up with general living expenses.  (for more information on temporary staffing agencies, contact one such as BIRK Staffing & Technical Services)


19 December 2014

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