Peptides: How You Can Benefit From Using Them

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Peptides are essentially amino acids that form the building blocks of proteins. There are many types of peptides in the human body, and they're important for healing, growth, hormone regulation, burning fat, building muscle, and staying healthy. If you don't produce enough of those peptides on your own, supplements can help. Learn how you can benefit from peptide supplements.

Increase Collagen For A More Youthful Look

Collagen is the protein that gives your skin support, elasticity, and fullness. When you age, your body starts producing less collagen and your skin starts to thin. You get wrinkles.

Peptides are now being used in skin-care products to signal the skin to produce new collagen and to stop the skin from breaking down collagen that's already present. Other peptides are being used to deliver trace elements of copper to your skin, because copper is both an antioxidant and useful in wound healing. There is even ongoing research into neuropeptides, which are designed to reduce wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles.

The cosmetic industry has focused on the delivery of peptides primarily through the long-term use of creams and serums that are applied directly to the skin. Neuropeptides are the quickest acting, and can see results within days of their first use. Other peptides have to be used for several weeks or a period of months before they produce results.

Increase Muscle Mass For Better Athletic Performance

Peptides are also being used among athletes for their anabolic effects, which are similar to the effects of testosterone on the body. Peptide supplements allow an athlete to build muscle mass quickly, lower body fat levels, and heal soft tissue injuries more rapidly.

Unlike anabolic steroids, peptides used to maximize body fitness, endurance, and recovery don't come with side effects like bloating, painful cramping, and mood swings. Peptide supplements like glutamine and creatine are often used by athletes for pre-season training and are available in both pills and powders.

Reduce Inflammation And Influence The Brain

New research into peptides found in soy, called lunasin, shows that they help fight inflammation that can lead to arthritis. They also fight heart disease and decrease cholesterol, among other effects. Ingested in the form of a soybean powder sprinkled on food or in soy milkshakes, lunasin has been shown to be more effective than statin drugs, which is the type of medication usually prescribed to treat high cholesterol. 

There's evidence that seratonin and adrenalin levels in the brain are also affected by soy peptides, leading to a natural reduction in stress. Research into a neuropeptide called hypocretin indicates that it can elevate your mood and regulate sleep by balancing out abnormalities in brain chemistry.

While some peptides are only available for use through medical trials, you can buy peptides on the market in a variety of lotions, pills, powders, and milk shakes. If you are wanting to improve your looks, increase your physical performance, or boost your mood, consider supplementing your diet or skin-care routine with peptides.


29 December 2014

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