What To Do If Your Keys Are Locked Inside Your Car

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It can happen to anyone: you're in a rush, you lock your car with the door open, toss the keys inside and slam the door to get to an important meeting, sporting event etc. Then, once you get back to your car, you're faced with a pretty big problem. Calling family or friends would be helpful, but if that's not an option, it's important to know what to do so you don't end up walking home or damaging your car. Here are three important steps to getting back in your car and back on the road. 

Call a roadside assistance company

First and foremost, keep calm and call a reputable roadside assistance company like Dietz Towing. If you don't have a membership with one, your auto manufacturer may be able to locate one for you, provided you bought your car fairly recently. If this does not work, dialing your phone's operator will often yield a result. Asking passersby for help can be very dangerous, and methods like using a coat hanger can damage your car door and window. If you're really in a fix, calling the police can get you help quickly, but only use this as a last resort. 

Stay with your car

As long as you aren't in danger of freezing in a blizzard or your car is on a busy street, staying with your car could be the difference between calling the roadside assistance company and calling your insurance and police for a stolen car. A car with the keys on the seat is a far too easy target for thieves, who can use a plethora of different tactics to get into the car. The reason that you shouldn't use these methods, however, is because they can damage your car. A potential car thief does not hold the same respect for your car, and for that reason, leaving your car unattended with the keys inside is risky. 

Preemptive Step

A good way to avoid this situation entirely is to keep your keys on your person at all times. A retractable keychain can be very useful in this respect. Another way to smooth the process is to predetermine a roadside assistance company to call, in order to keep waiting times to a minimum. 

Getting locked out of your car can be a headache at the very least, but there are a couple simple steps to keep it from turning it into a dangerous situation. While the basic steps are common knowledge, it is important to keep in mind the finer points of this stressful situation, as these are the difference between a safe ride home and a damaged or stolen car. 


28 January 2015

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