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Keeping your business safe and secure while you're open and during the overnight hours is an important part of protecting your financial interests, as well as your customers and employees. However, if you are relying solely on the services of a security company to help you accomplish this goal, you may find that your business is not quite as secure as you thought.

Security companies offer many valuable products and services, but their expertise is in the installation of security systems, not in how to bypass these systems. Consequently, a security company may overlook some of the security flaws of your business. Thankfully, there is a highly skilled professional that you can turn to in order to quickly identify these flaws: a locksmith.

Are Your Locks As Secure As They Should Be?

One of the primary areas of weakness that is found in many commercial properties is their door locks. This is because many business owners still make use of traditional lock and key systems that can be picked or bypassed using a bump key. If your business closes down for several hours each night, a criminal will have all the time they need to easily bypass this type of lock. This is why so many locksmiths are now recommending the use of electronic locks for all of the entrances to your business.

When installing an electronic lock on your doors, you will be able to choose from many different models including those that require the use of a personal code and those that require a fingerprint or iris scan in order to bypass the lock. Not only will these locks help to prevent the average criminal from accessing your commercial property, but they will also provide you with a record of exactly who unlocked the door each time their code or other identifying scan is entered.

Can Your Alarm Sensors Be Bypassed?

The most common job a locksmith completes is to assist people in accessing their home or vehicle after locking their keys inside. In order to effectively do this job, locksmiths must become experts in the many different security systems and entry locks on the market. While this expertise is typically used to help them gain authorized entry to a person's home, it can also be used to identify ways that someone might try and gain unauthorized entry, such as bypassing the alarm sensors on the windows and doors.

While a common criminal is not likely to possess the same expertise as a locksmith, you don't want to take risks with the safety of your employees or the security of your business assets. This is precisely why the security audit services that many locksmiths now offer can be so beneficial. These services will not only allow you to identify the weaknesses in your alarm system, but they will also help you to create a plan to eliminate those weaknesses once and for all. Contact a company like Advance Lock & Key for more information.


9 February 2015

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