4 Tips For Choosing A Banquet Hall Rental For Your Wedding

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When it comes to choosing a banquet hall, such as Royal Cliff Banquet & Conference Center, for your wedding, you need to think about more than just appearances. The style of banquet hall may be beautiful, but it may not work for what you have in mind for the day of your wedding. Here are four tips for choosing the right banquet hall for your wedding:

  1. Think About the Number of Guests: You must ask the person renting out the banquet hall how many people it can seat. Obviously, you want there to be enough seats for all of your guests. This is also why you shouldn't choose a banquet hall until you know how many people are going to be invited to the wedding. Then you can be sure that the banquet hall you choose is going to be able to accommodate the amount of guests you have in attendance. 
  2. Think About the Types of Activities: If you want to have certain activities during the reception, you want to be sure that the banquet hall can accommodate for this, as well. If you plan on having professional dancers to put on a show, you need a dance floor that is large enough for the type of show that is going to be put on. You also want a dance floor that is large enough to accommodate at least half of your guests. Also, if you plan on hiring a DJ, which most people do for their weddings, there needs to be space for them to set up, as well. 
  3. Think About Convenience for Your Guests: Obviously, you want your guests to be in attendance and if you choose a banquet hall that is not convenient to get to, then you may have a smaller amount of guests that are going to be able to attend. Also, think about the proximity to the actual location of your wedding ceremony. If there is a great deal of traffic or multiple freeways that one must take to get to the banquet hall, then this can discourage guests. 
  4. The Scenery: The scenery of the banquet hall is important for your guests and yourself, as well. You want the scenery to be suited towards the theme of your wedding and you want it to stand apart from other weddings too. The scenery can affect the way that your guests feel, so you want to be sure that it is beautiful and perfect for the time of year and time of day. 

By keeping these four things in mind when choosing a banquet hall for your wedding, you can be sure that you choose the right one for you and your guests. 


26 February 2015

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