Antique Lighting Gives Your Furniture Store Luxury Appeal

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Owning a furniture store means showcasing your furnishings in a way that draws the customer's eye. When you use antique lighting, you not only create ambiance, you make your establishment stick in the minds of consumers. Find out how you can give your furniture store a feeling of luxury by using antique lighting.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces in a beautiful, brash finishing add luster to your showroom without distracting consumers from the pieces they are admiring. Use soft yellow lighting in your sconces to give an effect of natural lighting that doesn't irritate the eye. The goal of wall sconces is to add subtle appeal while still providing ample lighting. Wall sconces are perfect for showcases bedroom sets in an intimate setting or giving the illusion of fireplace lighting for your rug showroom.

Street lights

Antique street lights are lovely display pieces that entice curiosity in potential customers who would otherwise just pass you by. Place these vintage lights in various areas of your furniture store so they can be randomly discovered by your customers. They will appreciate the vintage flair you add to your showroom, and will take the opportunity to admire nearby couches, armchairs, desks, and even other light fixtures. Some people may even ask if your vintage street lights are for sale, and you can use the opportunity to discuss other lighting fixtures and complementary pieces that are just up their tasteful alley.

Chandelier lighting

Perhaps the largest conversation piece you can place in your furniture store is a large antique chandelier complete with dripping, hanging crystals. Choose a gold-encrusted design that hangs in the middle of your main room to cast its glorious light on people as they shop. Not only will this beautiful decor draw the eye of your customers, it will give them them the sense that your furnishings are unique, high-end, and full of class- which is exactly what you want.

Antique lighting is a unique way to decorate your furniture store and make it more comfortable for your shoppers to enjoy. When people shop for pieces for their home, they want a store that has style, design, and flair, which your antique lighting can convey. Whether you want to keep it low-key with wall sconces, quirky with street lamps, or simply luxurious with a large chandelier, you can get your message across to your many visitors, and hopefully land more sales. For more information, talk to a professional like New Metal Crafts Inc.


7 April 2015

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