Nine Nuances That Can Help You Get More Done And Stay Organized At Work

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Ever wish you could get more done during the work-day? If you feel like you spend more time distracted or hunting around for notes or materials, there are ways to improve productivity and increase organization.

Nine subtle nuances that can make a difference in your productivity at work include:

1. Un-clutter your desk.

There is something inherently distracting about a bunch of clutter in your face when you are trying to work. Clear and clean your desk to improve focus and reduce workday distractions.

2. Watch the door.

Feng Shui design theory asserts that positioning your desk to face the door is a powerful, productive arrangement. Shared offices should use physical barriers, such as plants or chairs, to redirect energy and maintain harmony and focus for everyone in the space.

3. Display a few inspirational items.

When your work-space is cleared of clutter, display just a few personal effects that will make you happy and motivated throughout the workday. This might include furnishing accents, photos, or knick-knacks.

4. Add some oxygen to the room.

The oxygen that house-plants produce can make you feel energized and more productive during the day at work. Furthermore, some plants can act as a filter and improve air quality in the space.

5. Re-shape your work station.

Use a "U" shaped work station for the most efficiency and convenience when working. If your work space is in a corner, consider using a "L" shaped work area for the same convenience during the day.

6. Make daily to-do lists.

There is a tendency to be more productive when you are working with a tangible list of tasks during the day. When you are able to cross something off the list, you may gain some motivation toward the next task. Furthermore, this will keep you focused and on-track.

7. Avoid micro-managing others at work.

When you have delegated tasks to others on a project or assignment, don't fall into the trap of going behind your colleague and doing the task that you assigned them. Allowing them to complete the job enhances their skills and will help them become more efficient at their job, too.

8. Create an incoming call folder.

Tuck papers and notes that you will need for expected calls from clients or colleagues into a file folder to save time digging for information when they are on the line.

9. You are what you eat.

Eating a heavy, unhealthy meal at lunch can significantly impact and impede productivity during the work-day. Many tend to grab something on-the-go, which is fine, but make sure that it is healthful and nourishing, so you can work efficiently and effectively the remainder of the work-day.

Try these nine simple ways to facilitate productivity and gain some sense of organization at work. You may find that you are much more efficient and task-oriented, without succumbing to distractions and disorganization. To learn more, contact a company like Employee Relations Associates Inc. with your questions.


7 May 2015

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