3 Tips For Hiring A Security Guard At A Nightclub


If you're the manager or owner of a nightclub and are thinking about hiring a security guard or a team for security guard services, you're likely familiar with the fact that a security team can help protect your business and make patrons feel safe. But how do you know what to look for in a security guard? What types of decisions will you have to make when hiring a team? Here are three tips that give you a basic idea of what to expect:

Experience Matters

Whether you're utilizing a licensed security company or are hiring guards in-house, you'll want to hire security guards who have experience specifically with nightclub/bar guard duty. Nightclub security guards do more than stand watch. An ideal nightclub guard watches, observes, resolves conflict when necessary, answers questions, directs patrons, and overall promotes a calm atmosphere. Guards who know this will have previous nightclub experience, so it's always best to look for the right type of experience. Also, don't neglect the background check. This tells you what type of person you'll be dealing with on a daily basis.

Don't Neglect Personality

A security guard's personality might matter just as much as their experience. Nightclub guards, in particular, need to interact well with patrons. They need to be polite, well-dressed, and hospitable. An especially rough and gruff security guard may appear frightening to guests and scare them away instead of encouraging them to come inside. Some security guards tend to be better at enforcing while others tend to be better at negotiating. Both types can be beneficial at a nightclub, but negotiators are often better at diffusing arguments.

Language skills and speaking skills are also important. An ideal nightclub guard will be able to answer any type of questions a patron may have about the establishment. Security guards that communicate will help increase patronage. Depending on where your nightclub is located or what types of events you typically run, security guards who speak more than one language can also be an excellent asset.

Consider Guard Placement

Where you place your guard team makes a difference. If you're hiring a single guard, you'll most likely want them at the nightclub entrance. If you're hiring a team, you'll want to divide the team up smartly. Have one guard at the entrance with another at the exit. Have at least one roam. If your nightclub has a VIP section, it's a good idea to have a guard stationed there. Finally, having a guard stationed in the parking lot is recommended.

A good security guard and/or security team can help make your patrons feel safe, thus encouraging return visits. Consider the above tips when hiring a single guard or team to ensure your security needs are meet 100% of the time. Your patrons will thank you.


24 June 2015

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