A Business Owner's Glossary Of Terms About Telecommunication Security

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Years ago, businesses relied solely on paper files and documentation, but leaked information could still be considered a major security threat. With innovations and developments in technology, the way almost every business operates evolved into something more complex, with computers, the Internet, and electronic data. However, relying so much on technology in business means telecommunications security becomes even more of a concern. As a business owner, it is your job to make sure you have the right technological security services to count on, but it is also important that you understand various terms associated with telecommunications security.   

Vulnerabilities - Security vulnerabilities are considered weak points in your overall telecommunications system design. Vulnerabilities can come in the form of an outdated system that has not been appropriately updated with safeguards and anti-virus protection, which is common in businesses that have been in operation for a while. This is why it is vital to have your telecommunication systems updated and assessed regularly by a security service. 

Security Threats - The biggest threat in information security used to mean a fear that someone could gain access to private documents. However, a threat in telecommunications security can be an entirely different form. A threat could be something like a computer virus, a hacker trying to steal data, or even a weakened encryption in your network. A security service works to offer protective layers from every aspect where a threat could come into the picture. 

Protocol Stacks - This is a term that is used to describe the protocol of system wires and cables that help the computers and electronic components of your system communicate. In business, even a wireless printer that is connected without an encrypted pass phrase could be considered a vulnerability because hackers can tap into the protocol stack and retrieve information sent between computers and the printer. 

Access Control - Sometimes, the biggest threat to business data security will be within the business. There can be several levels of access control, depending on the various levels of employment within a business. For example, the clerk at the front desk of an office may only have access to contact names and information, but an accounts specialist may be able to access further information, such as customer payment methods.  

Building a secure business in the modern world relies heavily on security services in the telecommunications area. If you are in need of information, talk to  telecommunications security analyst like one from Intellex Security for advice and instruction. 


8 August 2015

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