Are You Considering Paper Packaging In Your Business?

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Plastic has been a great way to increase the durability of packaging in many types of businesses. However, today, the landfills are filled with plastic waste, posing a serious negative impact on the environment. Many businesses today are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint while also maintaining long-lasting, tough packaging. Turning your business into one that is aware of how it is affecting the environment is a good idea for more than just making a smaller footprint.

It's In The Bag

If you have ever shopped at a mall, consider how many bags you took home that were made out of paper. Paper packaging offers several options for your logo and other design details you need for promoting your products as well. Food packagers especially enjoy using paper bags and packaging and have done so for years due to their versatility and durability. Consider how you could start using paper instead of plastic for your packaging for saving money and decreasing your business' impact on the environment.

Corrugated Boxes And Recycling

Did you know that corrugated boxes are the most recycled package material in the United States? If you use plastic boxes for your products during shipping or any other time and you do not reuse them, consider the benefits of using corrugated boxes instead. Not only are corrugated boxes easily recycled, they also offer durability and containing strength during shipping. The fluting between the layers making up a corrugated box varies in size. The thicker the fluting is on a corrugated box, the stronger it will be, a detail that is important to remember if you are considering these types of paper products for your shipping needs.

Paperboard Is Popular Because It Works Great

From frozen foods to crayons, paperboard can be found on store shelves everywhere. Paperboard offers durability and can be used to package various types of products depending on its design. Some paperboard is wax-coated for packing products that contain moisture like foods. Other paperboard containers can be used for clothing like shoes. Bear in mind paperboard is an excellent choice for shipping, especially if you ship your paperboard products inside other containers like corrugated boxes. Paperboard is also easily recyclable as well.

Don't Forget Paper Comes From Renewable Sources

Trees are planted every year to replace the ones being used to make paper products and packaging, making paper an excellent choice due to its renewable source. If you considering the reasons you should choose paper packing in your business, you might think about its greater sustainability and its smaller impact on the environment.


21 September 2015

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