How To Encourage Customers To Rent Multiple Storage Units At A Time

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If your storage unit company suffers from having too many empty units, then you need to find ways to fill the units so you can make more money. On average, a storage unit facility breaks even at 60-72% occupancy, which means you can actually lose money if your space gets left without someone renting it every month. One way to increase the number of rented units you have at your facility is to get your customers to rent more than one unit at a time. Here are ways you can make this notion appealing to both existing and new customers by knowing who to market to and when to do it.

Market to local businesses

Local businesses may need storage unit space to house inventory, excess appliances, or even their entire office contents while they move from one location to another. Businesses may rent more than one storage unit at a time simply because of all the items they have. Market directly to business owners, showcasing why they should choose your facility for their storage needs, including:

  • multi-room rental discounts (or business discounts)
  • safety and security features
  • variety of room sizes
  • friendly staff

It's important that you reach out to local businesses before they are seeking your services so your facility's name can be the first one they think of when they need to rent storage space.

Think of the seasons

There are certain times of year that people use storage units the most. Spring and fall are times you may see more people renting self storage units due to kids moving to and from college, families moving into the area as school starts, or even people doing their final home cleanup before the poor weather hits. Advertise rental specials, such as getting half-price on a second unit if more than one is rented for a certain number of months. This can help you fill your occupancy and keep your break-even point higher.

Contact current customers

If you have long-time customers who have been renting storage units from you for years, then these are the people you want to reach out to the most. Contact current customers and ask them how their space is working for them. Your customers may not be aware of the benefit of getting another storage unit until you tell them. Odds are, some of your customers will be interested in a second (or third) unit if you can give them a 'loyal customer' discount.

Filling your storage units is not an easy task, but it's not impossible. Reach out to local businesses, advertise specials during peak times of the year, and keep your current customers in mind when you want to fill your storage units fast. For more info about storage unit prices, specials, and options, check out sites like


16 October 2015

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