Three Ways To Prevent A Mold Relapse

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Once you've gotten over a mold problem in your home, you're probably rightly concerned about how to prevent having to go through that ever again. And if you've hired a professional cleaning service, you've made the right cleaning choice to help prevent relapse. There are, however, several things you can do to make a second incursion even less likely. These involve taking steps to keep your house from being a friendly environment for mold. Use these three tips to help control your home's environment and maintain a healthy, mold-free atmosphere.

1. Use mold-retarding paint

Some types of paint have mold-suppressing chemicals added in. You should always use these types of paints in an area that's had mold in the past, but it's even better to use them on any other areas of the house that you feel might be prone to mold as well. These include areas that are humid or frequently damp, such as the bathroom. Ask your cleaning service for a recommendation as to which type of mold-retarding paint to use for your individual situation.

2. Control the air

Because mold grows best in a warm, damp environment, climate control can do a lot to reduce your risk of mold recurrence. If your air conditioning system doesn't sufficiently control the humidity in your home, try a commercial grade dehumidifier to help you keep the humidity down to a good level for humans and an unfriendly level for mold and mildew. However, a problem like this may be a sign of a water problem somewhere in your house, so make sure you check for plumbing leaks. In addition, keeping the air conditioning (or the heating in winter) turned to a comfortable level, even when nobody is home, will discourage the growth of mold. Normal box fans are also useful because they re-circulate the air, keeping damp areas from collecting the moist, humid air that mold needs to grow.

3. Be meticulous about cleanup

Spilled water, pipe leaks, and even splashes from the bathtub can carry the potential for mold. Cleaning up any water within 24 hours can ensure that mold doesn't have time to grow. If you've had a spillage and haven't cleaned it up within this time frame, it's a good idea to engage a professional 24 hour emergency cleaning service even if there's no visible mold yet.

By using these three tips, you can minimize the chances that mold will grow back or show up in a different part of your house. Ask your professional cleaning service for more tips and advice on how to care for your newly cleaned space.


4 November 2015

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