4 Steps To Prepare Furniture For Self Storage

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If you are planning to move to another location or if you simply don't have enough room in your home to store valuable furnishings, self storage may be the answer. However, when it comes to long-term storage, it is important to prepare your furnishings so that they are properly preserved. Here are a few steps needed to prepare furniture for storage:

Thorough Cleaning

Before storing your items, it is important to clean them thoroughly. You can wipe down each piece of furniture with a cloth to remove dust and debris. After initially wiping them, you can use furniture polish or glass cleaner, depending on the material of the furniture. for more thorough cleaning. Using an appropriate cleaner can help ensure that the furniture is properly protected during storage.

If you forgo cleaning, mold spores or dirt can permanently mar your furniture over time. If mold is present and there is enough moisture already contained in the furniture, the mold will progress during long-term storage and may eventually ruin the piece.


Once your furniture items have been cleaned, they can be disassembled for proper storage. Taking the furniture apart allows it to fit more easily into a small space. In addition, it can help protect the items from being damaged during transport.

Once the items are disassembled, it is important to wrap each piece individually and then group pieces of the same furniture items together.

Protective Wrapping

After the pieces are properly disassembled and grouped, additional protective wrapping should be applied. Wrapping with a small, light cloth is not sufficient to protect expensive pieces of furniture. Wrap the grouped items, such as table legs and mirrors, in bubble wrap if they are easily breakable. However, sturdy pieces that are made primarily of wood or fabric can be covered by a heavy drop cloth or blanket. This allows the items to still receive circulating air during storage.

Organize Your Items in the Storage Unit

Instead of haphazardly placing your items into the unit, it is important to maximize the available space. To do so, it is often best to place the largest items in the rear of the unit so that they do not block access to smaller pieces of furniture. In addition, ensure that the items are not packed so tightly that damage occurs from the stress.

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26 February 2016

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