Tip To Creating A Winning Pitch When Your Company Seems Lackluster

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If you are a fledgling business and you need more money to develop, one of the best places to find this income is through investors. Investors can offer you money that you need to launch as a better start up and they can keep the cash flow coming in while you are in the beginning phases of increasing your profit margins. If your company seems a bit lackluster and lacking in excitement, there are still ways to make investors see your company as a worthwhile venture. Here are some tips on creating business plans and pitches specifically for lackluster companies. 

Find your unique niche

Every company, no matter how typical, should have a niche. If you own a cleaning business, you should specifically target your businesses to one particular type such as late night restaurant clean up or medical facility cleaning. Finding a niche and digging in your heels with a specific company prototype is a great way to corner a market. This will also lead investors to believe that your idea is entirely developed and well thought out.

Prepare a response to every question

Many business investors will ask you for more and more information until they are satisfied with the information enough to trust you with start-up funds. Cut ay questions off at the pass by coming up with as many questions and answers as you can think of in your investor business plan pitch. The questions should span everything from your personal background, why you decided to start a business, your projections based on past and current market research, and how you plan to build and grow the company. Come up with major marketing materials and side plans in the event that profits are lower than expected. If you have an answer for every question and worry, you will appear to be a prepared and trustworthy candidate for investment. 

Get to know the typical investors

Just like investors will want to study you and your business, you should get to know your typical investor. Look at other small businesses and the types of investors that they received. If the typical investor is another business owner, use this knowledge to appeal to their sense of enterprise and savviness. Look at the businesses that investors tend to go for more than others on average, then look at the characteristics that these businesses have. Knowing your investor and understanding normal investor business plans might help you to secure the funds you need.     


15 March 2016

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