Tips For Reducing The Amount Of Ink Your Copier Uses

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If you have a copier in your office, there is a good chance that you are paying a good deal of money for ink, even if the copier is seldom used. This can be expensive and unsustainable for many businesses, especially small business. Here are some tips to reduce the amount of ink or toner that your copier uses when anyone in your office makes copies.

1. Use Draft Mode for In-House Copies

Your first step is to go into your copier settings and set it to "draft mode." This means that, rather than going over each line multiple times in order to make sure that the colors are as bold as possible, your printer only goes over each line a single time. This will make the images and text on the copy lighter than it would be otherwise on standard mode, but if you are just making copies to pass out to people at meetings, you don't need the colors to be perfect or for the letters to be bold. This will save ink.

2. Use Lower Resolution for In-House Copies

Another option is to use a lower resolution on your copier. This will make images look less precise and lighter. However, if you find that most of the copies that you make for your office are only seen by other employees and usually don't contain images, then you can easily get away with using a lower resolution on your printer. This will use less ink because the picture will not need as fine or as dark lines.

3. Make Sure No Color Cartridges are Even Loaded

Make sure that you don't load color cartridges in your copier unless you are specifically choosing to make color copies. Some copiers will use color ink even when you only want the image to be black and white, albeit at a slower rate than an actual color copy. If you remove the ink, you can guarantee that this will not happen. This is helpful because black ink is often much cheaper than colored ink.

4. Use a Font Designed to Be Friendly to the Environment

Finally, consider using a font that intentionally leaves small chunks of each letter blank so that less ink is used. These fonts are usually more friendly to the environment due to the fact that they don't use as much ink since part of each letter is not actually printed.

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29 May 2016

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