Ensure Your Wedding Dress Stands The Test Of Time With These Storage Tips

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You might like the idea of keeping your wedding dress for sentimental reasons, but the reality is that you likely won't be pulling it out very often. If you don't have an excessive amount of storage room in your home, it's worth keeping your dress in a storage unit — along with other seldom-used possessions, of course. When it comes to safely storing your wedding dress, you don't want to simply place it on a hanger and hang it up. To ensure that your special garment remains in optimal condition for years and decades to come, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Get It Professionally Washed

The first step of storing your wedding dress is to make sure that the garment is professionally washed first. If you haven't taken the time to do so since your wedding, it's imperative that you complete this job right away. Take the dress to a cleaner that specializes in wedding dresses. The washing process will remove any sweat and oils from your skin that could eventually alter the color of the dress.

Hire A Specialist

If you don't want to be bothered with the specifics of preparing your wedding dress for storage, look on the Internet for a wedding dress preservation service. There are many such businesses that cater to customers similar to you. All you need to do is ship your wedding dress to the business. Experts will carefully handle the garment and secure it in a special box. The box will typically be made from acid-free cardboard so the box will not damage the dress over time, and some boxes come with clear windows that will allow you to view the garment without having to handle it.

Tackle It Yourself

If you're the do-it-yourself type, you can safely prepare your wedding dress for storage. There are a couple common schools of thought. One is to buy a high-quality garment bag that will protect the wedding dress. The other is to buy a garment box (again, made with acid-free cardboard) that will hold the folded wedding dress. Either approach is acceptable, but the bag option is typically a little more user-friendly because it's easier to hang the dress than fold it. Additionally, this option is ideal because it allows better air circulation through the dress.

Keep The Humidity Constant

However you approach the storage, make sure that your storage unit is climate controlled. Clothing should typically be stored in an environment with humidity that is consistent with the home. In most cases, this will be around 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

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20 June 2016

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