Don't Throw Out Your Bubble Wrap After A Move — Use It In These Ways Instead

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As you gear up for a move, you'll likely buy several rolls of bubble wrap that will help keep your fragile possessions secure during transit. As you begin the process of unpacking in the days that follow the move, you may find yourself putting aside multiple sheets of bubble wrap and planning to throw it all in the garbage. Instead of adding one more thing to your local landfill, it's time to think of some alternatives to discarding this essential moving supply. While you can offer it to a friend or family member preparing for a move — or possibly try to sell the bubble wrap on a classified website — here are some other ideas to consider.

Place It Between Your Pans

Over time, the pans in your kitchen can get scratched and unnecessarily damaged if you stack them directly on top of each other. Additionally, retrieving pans and putting them away after washing them can be excessively loud, as they clink against each other — which can be an issue if you or your spouse does shift work and one person is often sleeping when the other is eating. A simple solution is to cut large squares of bubble wrap and place one square between each pair of pans. This will cushion the impact and protect the items, as well as make dealing with them quieter.

Tape It Over Your Windows

If you find that the windows in your new home are drafty during the winter, you should be concerned about heat loss that unnecessarily raises your heating bills. Since replacing these windows might not immediately be a priority if your budget is tight after the move, you can use large sections of bubble wrap to tape over your windows. This can provide a draft-proof layer that will prevent cold air from entering into your home and hot air from escaping outside.

Carry Some In Your Shopping Bags

In a time in which many people carry their own cloth bags to the supermarket instead of using plastic bags, it can be useful to carry some strips of bubble wrap, too. If you're bagging your own groceries, you may find that hard objects such as cans are sharing a bag with soft objects, such as fresh fruit. To avoid the hard items denting the softer things, simply use bubble wrap — wrap some of the cans individually and you won't have to worry about your fruit getting damaged.

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7 August 2016

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