Putting Your Bike Into Storage Until Next Spring? 3 Tips To Keep It In Excellent Condition

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Renting a storage unit will provide you with the ability to store all sorts of items. If one of these items is a bicycle, the last thing you want to do is just put it inside and let it sit for several months. At the very least, this will lead to some uneven wear on the bicycle tires, which could require you to replace them. Partially rusted parts may end up rusting to the point that you need to get replacement ones. So, before you put your bicycle into storage until the prime biking season arrives, you should follow some helpful tips.

Apply Generous Amounts of Lube

Bicycle lubricant is something that you should always have on you as a bicycle owner. Similar to how oil makes vehicle engines run like they should, bike lube is important for a smooth and reliable operation. You need to put it in places that will benefit the most from the lube. These include the chain, cables, pedals, pulleys, and pivot points. Keeping all of these parts lubricated will also keep you from coming back to a rusty bicycle.

Keep the Bicycle Suspended

If your bicycle stands directly on the floor, the tires could end up warping. A day or two of storage is not going to have a noticeable impact, but several months is enough for excessive wear and tear. Since you will likely not be able to mount anything on the wall in the storage unit, you must get creative. Building a wooden bike rack is a perfect and affordable solution since the major expense is likely to be the wood and your time. If you aren't handy with tools, you can always buy a pre-made rack.

Scrub Down the Chain

Although most parts on a bike are essential to its operation, the chain is extra crucial. It needs to be in outstanding condition to guarantee a smooth ride whenever you hit the road. So, before you put your bike into storage, you should give the chain a thorough cleaning to prevent it from wearing down. The first step is applying solvent to break down dirt and grime followed by a toothbrush scrubbing. The final step is putting on the lubricant, which you should already have on hand.

By following these particular tips, you can put your bicycle into storage with complete confidence that when you pick it up, it will be immediately ready for you to start riding it again. For more information on storage solutions, contact a self-storage facility near you.


7 August 2016

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