3 Benefits Of Buying A Spiral Binding Machine For Your Business

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If you currently outsource your spiral binding jobs to a printer, then you might benefit from buying your own machine and doing this work in-house. What are the advantages of buying a spiral binder?

1. Bind Documents on Demand

When you outsource binding, you add time to the job. You have to get your documents to the print shop and wait for them to bind them. You then have to pick up the finished order or wait for it to be delivered.

While spiral binding a document is a quick process, you won't always get immediate results. If your printer is busy, then they might struggle to fulfil the job as quickly as you'd like. Larger and more complex jobs take more time. You can't get anything bound when the print shop is closed.

If you buy your own spiral binding machine, then you can bind on demand. You don't need to wait; you can simply use the machine to bind documents when you need them without any delays.

2. Save Money on Binding Costs

A print shop will charge you for binding materials and labor. If they deliver your order back to you, then you'll probably have a delivery or shipping charge as well.

If you put in regular but small binding orders, then you won't benefit from economies of scale. Your per-item cost will typically be higher. While you get economies of scale on larger orders, you could still pay more than you need to for binding jobs.

You do have an initial investment when you buy a spiral binder; however, you should recoup this cost over time as you use the machine. You can also buy materials in bulk to cut your costs. Spiral binding wires and plastics are cost-effective. So, your binding costs should reduce.

3. Organize Stored Documents

While you might currently use spiral binding to create presentations, quotations, booklets or manuals, you can extend your use of a machine. It could help you organize your office storage more effectively.

For example, if you store a lot of documents in your offices, then you might sometimes struggle to find things. Pages from documents might get lost or misfiled. Your paperwork storage won't look tidy.

You can also use a spiral binder to bind these documents. You can ensure that documents are kept together in the right order. Plus, spiral binding creates booklets that are easy to open and simple to use. Both wire and plastic binders are strong enough to hold documents together.

To learn more, contact an office supplies company like Spiel Associates, Inc and ask about their spiral binding machine options.


5 August 2021

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