3 Reasons To Consider A Custom Tank For Your Boat

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Anyone who's owned a boat for long knows that off-the-shelf parts don't always make the grade. If your boat is old enough, you may not even be able to get your hands on factory components anymore. While this is true for many aspects of your watercraft, your fuel tank is one item that's particularly well-suited to customization.

Still not convinced? Below you'll find three scenarios where a custom fuel tank can significantly benefit your boating experience.

1. Small Watercraft Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is a critical component of any watercraft. Proper weight distribution can impact performance in many ways, including handling capabilities and top speed. However, obtaining an ideal weight distribution is especially critical for small boats, where even relatively minor changes can have huge effects on the water.

Depending on how you use your boat, you may find that the fuel tank placement has a significant impact on your boat's center of gravity. Moving the fuel tank location allows you to adjust your boat's weight distribution to meet your specific needs, allowing you to load your boat conveniently without worrying about impacting speed, handling, or stability.

2. Improved Range

Every boat designer makes inevitable trade-offs. Fuel tanks take up space in the hull, so there's a natural trade between room and range. Every boater is unique, so it's no surprise that many of these trades may not appeal to every buyer. If you're unhappy with your boat's endurance and willing to lose some space, then an expanded fuel tank can be an excellent upgrade.

Using a custom design for your new fuel tank also lets you decide exactly where you'd like to put it, allowing you to maximize your fuel capacity while sacrificing as little space on your boat as possible.

3. Repairs and Replacements

If you own an older boat, your options for factory or ready-made fuel tank replacements may likely be limited at best. Buying a prefabricated tank can mean making unacceptable sacrifices, such as reducing your fuel capacity or wasting space with a tank that doesn't quite fit. A custom tank helps you work around these issues, no matter how old your boat may be.

Using custom marine fuel tanks also mean that you can choose to upgrade your tank as part of your replacement process. Instead of buying a tank to match your boat's original (and potentially outdated) capabilities, you can upgrade to a larger tank or even customize your tank to make more efficient use of the space in your boat.


14 September 2021

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