Keys To Working With Marine Recycled Plastic For Clothing Textile Purposes

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Using recycled materials to make clothing is an important approach today because of the positive impacts it can have. Coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles are available if you want to go down this path. Just make sure you review these insights when working with these materials to turn them into impactful plastic textiles that help you produce clothes. 

Find a Recycling Source That's Sustainable

You want to be very careful with how you source marine recycled plastics. Ideally, you need to find a place that's sustainable long-term because then you won't have to worry about running out and then having delays in producing clothing orders. 

What areas of the world have a lot of marine plastic that needs to be recycled? Look at the viable locations carefully so that you set your clothing manufacturing operations up for success when plastic textiles are involved. 

Set up the Appropriate Textile Manufacturing Environment

There are going to be things you have to do to marine recycled plastic before using it to make clothes. For instance, you'll have to sterilize plastics, break them down into finer pieces, and then heat them up so that they go through filters that leave behind yarn-like consistencies.

Your manufacturing environment should be able to support all of the aforementioned activities without giving you trouble. You may want to hire a plastic textile consultant just to make sure you're investing in the right equipment, as well as setting it up correctly to make the most out of this form of recycled plastic. 

Continue to Test Your Plastic Textile Batches

Once you have batches made through marine recycling efforts, you want to continue to test them to ensure you're ending up with quality plastic textiles that positively impact your clothing production operations. As long as you keep up with regular batch testing, it will be a lot easier to spot potential issues.

It may be a contamination issue because recycled marine plastic wasn't properly cleaned or maybe the filament size at the end isn't working out. Just keep testing so that you know what is wrong and when to intervene before producing a lot of plastic textiles for clothing manufacturing purposes.

If you want to make clothing in an eco-friendly manner, marine recycled plastics are always an option. You just need to pay close attention to how these plastics are retrieved, treated, and manufactured to make useable plastic textiles for clothing purposes. 


26 January 2022

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