Things to Consider When Installing a Water Treatment System in Your Home

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No matter where your water comes from, there are often things in the water that you do not want. Even the purest well water can have minerals like iron that can cause problems with plumbing, and water from the local water supply can contain chemicals you would like to avoid. Installing a water treatment system that filters and cleans your water can be the best solution, but there are some things you need to know before you get started. 

Filtration System Types

Water treatment systems are becoming more common in homes and businesses, and there are some everyday things people want to be removed from their water. This has allowed manufacturers to develop water treatment systems that are extremely effective for homeowners. 

Simple single fixture water treatment is sometimes all you need and typically consists of a cartridge filter installed on the water line. In some homes, it is easier to use a single cartridge filter on several faucets than to install a whole house system, and the cost is much lower initially. The cartridges require replacement when they are dirty, but using a name-brand system often ensures you can get filters at the local home center or some big box stores.

Whole house filtration systems are more complex, but when installed correctly, they filter all the water coming into the home and can have multiple stages to target specific things you want to take out of the water. Often whole house systems are installed by a plumber or the filter company, and they can service them for you on an as-needed basis or as part of a service plan that comes with the water treatment system.

Whole house water treatment requires several tanks and takes up some space in the basement or somewhere in your home, but if you have the space and budget for one, you can tailor the filtration to fit your needs.

Water Testing

When considering water treatment or filtration for your home, you should start by getting an independent water test to determine what is in the water that you may want to remove. Heavy metals and minerals like iron can build up in your home's plumbing system and cause problems, so taking it out of the water as it enters the house is an excellent way to reduce potential plumbing issues later. 

The test may also reveal high amounts of chemicals like chlorine in the water that you want to reduce or remove. Often these things are added to clean the water in the city water supply, but it can affect the taste of the water, and large amounts can be unhealthy over time. A water treatment plan starts with knowing what is in the water and ends with a system set up to remove what you don't want.


25 August 2022

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