Why Call A Bail Bonding Services Provider If You Have The Money?

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Folks who've never dealt with America's bail bonding system might be surprised to learn that many people choose to use a company to post bail even if they have the money. There are good reasons to work with a bail bonding services firm, so this article will look at three.

Reduced Amount

Judges generally trust bail companies more than they trust individuals posting their own bail. Foremost, a services provider is licensed by the state. Also, the company has the legal right to employ bounty hunters to compel a defendant's return. If someone jumps bail, this means the government might not have to lay out money to recover the defendant to hold them over for trial. Consequently, the court will often release a defendant to the bond company for a fraction of the overall bail amount.

Particularly if you're facing a high demand for bail, such as hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, this makes a difference financially. Even if you can afford that kind of money, you don't necessarily want to put it up if you can avoid doing so.

Minimizing Risk

There is something of a give-and-take with this fractional setup. A bail bonding is a form of loan, and you'll owe the ordered amount to the company no matter what happens. Even if you win, the company gets its money back from the court, but you have to still pay the company.

Some folks elect to post their own bail because they're highly confident they'll make all of their court dates. Those people get every penny back as long as they meet the terms of their release. However, making one mistake means the judge may order you to return to jail while the court keeps all of the bail money. If you can't afford that kind of risk, it may be better to owe the company.

Seeking Another Person's Release

If you're posting bail for a friend, coworker, or family member, you may not want to take everything on faith. Dealing with a bail bonding services company adds a layer of trust to this kind of arrangement. If something happens, the company has rights and powers that you don't have.

Especially if you're not confident that the defendant will consistently make all of their court dates, this is a way to help them out without committing too much of your resources. Someone from the company will stay in contact with them to ensure that they know when their court dates are and attend. For more information on bail bonding, contact a professional near you.


8 March 2023

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